Linus Torvalds Named Most Influential Open Source Blogger

by Developer.com Staff

Linux creator is named the most influential open source blogger.

Despite the fact that Linus Torvalds hasn't published a blog post since Feb. 24 and that many of his posts are of a personal nature, MindTouch has named Torvalds the most influential open source blogger.

MindTouch, an open source collaboration vendor, came up with their top 50 list for this year's Open Source Business Conference by grading 200 open source commentators.

The formula MindTouch came up with gauges number of Twitter followers and the individual's impact with their followers. How often were they retweeted? How much buzz did their tweets and posts create? How many times their posts are referenced and cited by others?

MindTouch Vice President of Sales Mark Fidelman said that the Most Powerful Voice "formula illustrates how much additional broadcast power an individual has versus an average active person. For example, Tim O'Reilly has 1.4 million times more broadcast power reach than the average person, while Mark Hinkle has a respectable 55 times more broadcast power than average."

Tim O'Reilly was rated the most popular open source voice.

This article was originally published on Thursday Mar 18th 2010
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