OpenLogic Announces Open Source Audit Service for Merger and Acquisition

by Developer.com Staff

OpenLogic offers open source scanning service to make mergers and acquisitions easier.

OpenLogic is an open source software support company, and today they announced a new auditing service to ease mergers and acquisitions that involve technology assets.

"Open source software continues to enable innovation in technology products," said Steve Grandchamp, CEO of OpenLogic. "As part of the normal due diligence process, companies need to fully understand what open source is used, and what the licenses and terms are."

Technology makes a up big chunk of merger assets. According to a PricewaterhouseCoopers 2010 study, technology accounted for $36 billion in mergers and acquisitions last year.

"The focus on open source and other third-party software in M&A transactions has only increased in recent years. As the technology M&A market continues to return, it's critically important that both parties to the transaction understand what open source software is in use by the target company," said Jason Haislmaier, a partner at Holme Roberts & Owen LLP in Boulder, Colorado.

This article was originally published on Monday Mar 15th 2010
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