Apple Snags Former Mozilla Security Chief Window Snyder

Tuesday Mar 2nd 2010 by Developer.com Staff

Apple pulls in security expert Window Snyder to help harden its products.

Apple has hired security expert Window Snyder to help harden the Mac ecosystem.

Snyder played a pivotal role in security at open source Mozilla.

"At Mozilla, Snyder introduced the concept of threat modeling into the Firefox development process and spearheaded a metrics project to measure the effectiveness of the open source group's secure development efforts," ZDNet's Ryan Naraine reported today.

She left Mozilla in 2008 to help found a non-security related startup. Prior to her stint at Mozilla, Snyder worked at Microsoft attempting to secure Windows.

It looks like Apple could really use her help.

"Apple has struggled to cope with a sharp rise in security vulnerabilities in its software products," Naraine said, "and the annual embarrassment of seeing its Safari browser trivially hacked at the CanSecWest Pwn2Own contest."

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