Climate Change Data Errors Highlight Need for Open Source Data

by Developer.com Staff

Dr. John Graham-Cumming discovered errors in climate change data and said future problems could be averted with open source data.

The Sidney Morning Herald reported today that the scientist who unearthed climate change data errors is calling for open source data.

The errors discovered by Dr. John Graham-Cumming, a mathematician and self-described "computer geek," do not change the scientific story of climate change - the world is getting hotter.

"But it does show," he said, "the need for open-source data. We open up software and data and it eliminates problems.

There are lots of people with a background in maths and programming. If you open it up, there will be many eyes cast across the data and you can find problems without having to go to expensive reviews.

There are hundreds of enthusiastic amateurs who will have a go and do it non-politically."

This article was originally published on Friday Feb 26th 2010
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