Linux Kernel 2.6.33 Is Out

by Developer.com Staff

Lots of random stuff fixed and tweaked in Linux Torvalds' Linux kernel 2.6.33 released today.

Linus Torvalds dropped the latest Linux kernel version 2.6.33 today.

"The most noticeable features," Torvalds wrote, "in 2.6.33 are likely the Nouveau and DRBD integration (and a _lot_ more people will notice the Nouveau part of that). And the Radeon KMS parts aren't considered experimental any more."

He said that the AS IO scheduler is gone because it was too confusing to keep around. Everyone needs to start using CFQ instead.

"I think," Torvalds said, "this release cycle has been more about various random stuff and drivers, and not several whole new filesystems, for example. As usual, about two thirds of the changes are drivers (and half of that in staging). And the non-driver half is pretty evenly divided between arch updates and 'the rest.'"

This article was originally published on Thursday Feb 25th 2010
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