Python Enhancement by ActiveState and O'Reilly

by Developer.com Staff

ActiveState and O'Reilly enhance ActiveState Code to better support Python.

Today, ActiveState and O'Reilly Media, announced at the PyCon developer conference a new and allegedly improved ActiveState Code for Python.

ActiveState Code is a repository of free programming recipes.

"Python is one of the fastest open source object-oriented programming languages and is increasingly used by a number of major organizations including Google, Amazon and NASA," said Joe Wikert, General Manager and Publisher of O'Reilly Media. "We are thrilled with the enhancements to ActiveState Code and encourage developers to share their Python recipes on the site."

The best Python recipes will be selected for publication in O'Reilly's next Python Cookbook. It's the third edition and it's scheduled for release by the end of the year.

This article was originally published on Friday Feb 19th 2010
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