Google's Living Stories Now Open Source

by Developer.com Staff

Google's Living Stories is now an open source project.

Google describes its Living Stories open source application as "a new format for presenting and consuming online news." They open-source Living Stories this week.

The Web has created a tsunami of information. Building tools to make sense of all this data is the name of the game for online publishers.

"The basic idea of a living story is to combine all of the news coverage on a running story on a single page. Every day, instead of writing a new article on the story that sits at a new URL and contains some new developments and some old background, a living story resides at a permanent URL, that is updated regularly with new developments," according Google's Living Stories project page.

This is yet another tool designed to make life easier for publishers, content producers and consumers.

This article was originally published on Thursday Feb 18th 2010
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