Twitter to Open Source, 'I love you'

by Developer.com Staff

Twitter loves open source and they made a page to prove. The company has created to or contributes to at least 29 open source projects.

It lists software from "murder" to "pig," written in Java, Ruby, C/C++ and Scala. Not to be outdone by the laundry list of companies building open source cred, Twitter now has a Web page highlighting their open source projects, and, Twitter wants to tell the open source community just how they feel.

"Twitter loves open source" is the page's headline.

Twitter lists 29 open source projects that they either created or contribute to.

One Twitter tool is called "Murder." It's a scalable code deployment application built on Bittorent.

Twitter claims to have contributed to the Scribe aggregation server, something called pig and another project named hadoop. They've also contributed to cassandra and a memcached Ruby gem.

"Twitter is built on open-source software." Indeed.

This article was originally published on Wednesday Feb 17th 2010
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