Rails Core Team Welcomes Jose Valim and Carl Lerche

by Developer.com Staff

Two developers, José Valim and Carl Lerche, join Rail core team for their work on Rails 3.

On Saturday, Ruby on Rails creator David Heinemeier Hansson announced that José Valim and Carl Lerche developers joined the Rails core team.

"Both guys have been key contributors to the Rails 3 development and both have made it into the top 10 of all-time Rails contributors," Hansson wrote.

Valim is the lead-developer and co-founder of Plataforma Tec. In 2006, he started coding with Rails. Valim began actively contributing after his Google Summer of Code project in 2009.

Several years ago Lerche thought he would never do Web development again, but in 2005 he discovered Ruby on Rails. It was Ruby that lured him back and Lerche began contributing to Rails development.

This article was originally published on Monday Feb 15th 2010
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