Oracle To Shutter Sun's Project Kenai

by Developer.com Staff

Oracle to take Sun's Project Kanai "inhouse" and will shutdown the public service that beta launched in September 2008.

Now that Oracle's acquisition of Sun Microsystems is official, things are going to change quickly. Yesterday, Oracle announced that Sun's Project Kanai, an open source collaboration and project hosting site, will be shutdown and brought "inhouse."

According to The H, the Kenai service beta launched in September 2008 and hosts projects such as JRuby and Rails and integrated into Netbeans 6.7 as a collaborative tool.

"Kenai today is a good idea but we don't think it is quite working," Oracle's Chief Architect and Senior Vice President Ted Farrell said via yesterday's Webcast.

The plan is to close the public facing version of Project Kenai and bring the project "inhouse" where, according Farrell, it will plug into a number of internal projects. Oracle will decide later whether to bring back the public service.

Commenting on the announcement, one Kenai user wrote, "I can only hope Oracle adds Kenai functionality to java.net. I love the Kenai integration in netbeans and think that it would be valuable to the java.net community as a whole."

This article was originally published on Thursday Jan 28th 2010
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