Apple's Tablet Mantra: Developers, Developers, Developers

by Developer.com Staff

Apple's Tablet will sink or swim based on whether it can attract developers.

Who can forget Microsoft CEO Steve Balmer shouting "Developers! Developers! Developers!" Well now it's Apple CEO Steve Jobs' turn.

Apple's release of the Tablet, like the iPhone, will succeed only if lots of developers build lots of applications to run on it.

The difference between now and four years ago when the sweaty Balmer made his loud appeal to developers is that the battle isn't between Microsoft and Apple. Now the battle is between Apple and Google.

CNET's Matt Asay highlights the differences between Apple's and Google's approach to carve out their future market-share.

"Google's strategy is very different from Apple's. Apple has set up an excellent, but very closed, developer sandbox where Apple retains complete control. Google's strategy depends heavily on open source, giving developers freedom, flexibility, and a paycheck at the end of the process."

This article was originally published on Wednesday Jan 27th 2010
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