Amazon Opens Kindle to Developers

by Developer.com Staff

Ahead of Apple's tablet computer release, Amazon announces Kindle SDK beta program.

In an effort to stave off competition from Apple's looming tablet computer, Amazon is opening up Kindle to third-party application developers.

Amazon announced that it is going to let programmers build "active content" to run on the Kindle. In return, the developers get to keep 70 percent of the revenue from each sale, minus wireless delivery costs, according to The New York Times.

And as for those wireless delivery costs, Amazon will charge application developers $0.15 per MB for data delivery on its wireless network.

An SDK is expected to be released next month, according to The Register.

Apple's expected to announce its tablet computer next week and begin shipping them by Spring.

The initial Kindle development program is a beta and only open to select developers.

This article was originally published on Friday Jan 22nd 2010
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