Insanely Great Open Source Mac E-mail Client

by Developer.com Staff

Macworld's Lex Friedman exposes the power of the open source community when a simple blog post kicks off a project to build an insanely great IMAP email client for the Mac.

That's the goal anyways - to build a "truly awesome" IMAP client for MAC OS X. It started with a blog post on Jan. 16, and less than a week later, some big names have signed on to the open source Letters.app project.

According to Macworld's Lex Friedman, Brent Simmons, a Mac developer and creator of NetNewsWire, blogged on the 16th about Mac's lack of an insanely great IMAP email client for power users.

Simmons wondered if the open source community could pull it off, despite his lack of interest in working on the project.

"I am not volunteering to lead it. I may not even be able to contribute," Simmons told Friedman.

But maybe all that was needed was someone like Simmons to jumpstart the open source community.

Within days of his blog post, the name "Letters.app" was chosen, a Twitter account created and according to Friedman, Apple pundit John Gruber was e-inaugurated as project president. and Gus Mueller from Flying Meat Software is the project's technical lead.

This article was originally published on Thursday Jan 21st 2010
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