The Apache Software Foundation Graduates Apache Pivot to Top-Level Project

by Developer.com Staff

Pivot is a platform for developing and deploying Java Web applications.

The Apache Software Foundation announced yesterday that Apache Pivot is now a Top-Level Project. That means the Pivot projects and community have been well-governed under the foundation's meritocracy.

Pivot is a platform for building and deploying Web applications using Java.

"Users have much higher expectations for Web applications now than they did 10 years ago," said Greg Brown, Chair of the Apache Pivot Project Management Committee and Principal Consultant at Cantina Consulting. "This is why we're seeing tools like Flex and Silverlight beginning to gain traction; however, both of these require developers who are otherwise happy using Java to switch technologies. Pivot is an attempt to create a modern, rich client development platform in Java."

The foundation also announced the release of Pivot 1.4.

This article was originally published on Wednesday Jan 20th 2010
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