Arnold Schwarzenegger Says Open Source is 'Acceptable'

by Developer.com Staff

California to open source community, "I christen thee."

The budget California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger proposed includes an increase in open source technology.

Encouraging the adoption of open source technology by California government bureaucracies, is just one way the governor is trying to deal with the $20 billion budget deficit.

Of course, open source technology isn't going to make up that much of a shortfall but the state's hoping it can help.

CNET's Matt Asay notes that it was Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst who said that stalling economies force many organizations to start looking at open source to save money. According to Asay, those that do end up with "more value despite spending less money."

But in California, it's official, open source is now acceptable.

In a letter last week California CIO Teri Takai formally established that "the use of Open Source Software (OSS) in California state government as an acceptable practice."

This article was originally published on Tuesday Jan 12th 2010
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