Tool King Rebuilds E-Commerce Site With Open Source Magento Platform

by Developer.com Staff

Tool King switches to open source Magento e-commerce platform.

Tool King launched its latest version of toolking.com e-commerce Web site using the open source Magento platform last month.

With the help of Denver-based Unleaded Software, Tool King decided that rather than continuing to develop their own in-house software, it made more sense to leverage the power of open source Magento.

"This allows us to focus on our business goal of selling more tools instead of developing software, which isn't relevant to our business," director of e-commerce Ben Skigen told Internet Retailer.

Tool King is a Denver-based tool retailer that started in 1978. They sold $25.4 million worth of tools in 2009 - a 5 percent increase from 2008.

Magento is written with PHP and originally developed by Varien.

This article was originally published on Thursday Jan 7th 2010
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