Mr. Bean Hacks Spanish EU Open Source Web Site

Wednesday Jan 6th 2010 by Developer.com Staff

Spain's EU Web site running OpenCMS hacked by Mr. Bean.

Just days ago the Spanish government awarded a 12 million euro contract to Telefonica to maintain the Spanish Presidency of the European Union Web site and it got hacked.

The Web site is running the open source OpenCMS content management system.

Someone broke into OpenCMS and put a photo of Rowan Atkinsons' Mr. Bean character on the Web site with the words "Hi there!"

The Mr. Bean joke is poking fun of Spain's Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero who looks like the bumbling slapstick character.

ITWire reports that "Zapatero's office confirmed a security breach affected the web site but added that no information at the site was affected, save for Mr Bean’s appearance."

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