Is Apple Ceding the Open Source Market to Google?

by Developer.com Staff

Does Apple care if Google dominates the open source mobile application market with Android?

Apple has always been a proprietary software company, but in his column today CNET's Matt Asay's asks whether that makes sense considering Google's open source Andriod mobile operating system could chip away at Apple's iPhone mobile market share.

While there are a few open source applications available for the iPhone, Asay says that the it's "relative wasteland for open source."

And in walks Google's open source Andriod.

"Android, after all, stands to scoop up a significant swath of mainstream users by attracting both proprietary and open-source application development, while Apple's iPhone predominately serves the proprietary software set," writes Asay.

But does Apple care?

This article was originally published on Wednesday Jan 6th 2010
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