Google Releases Java 'Convenience' APIs

by Developer.com Staff

Google releases Java convenience code called Google Collections Library 1.0.

Google's trying to make Java easier. Today, the software giant released its Google Collections Library 1.0, extending Sun Microsystems' existing Java Collection Framework.

Gavin Clarke at The Register reported that the "library includes new collection types for Multimap, Multiset, and Bitmap, a MapMaker builder for concurrent hash maps, and an Ordering collection Google described as 'Comparator on steroids.'"

It's all about convenience.

"The library's functionality simplifies your code so it's easier to write, read, and maintain," Google's Jared Levy told JavaLobby. "The Google Collections Library will improve your productivity as a developer, while reducing the amount of boilerplate low-level code you need to write."

But it's not a free ride. Using Google's Collections Library means more application dependencies and code you might not need.

This article was originally published on Tuesday Jan 5th 2010
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