Open Source Songbird To Be Bundled on Millions of Portable Music Players

by Developer.com Staff

Open source Songbird music player strikes deal with Philips.

Songbird is the open source competitor to Apple's iTunes. Today, Songbird will announce a deal with Philips that could mean the open source music player will be shipping on millions of Philips' GoGear portable music devices.

TechCrunch's Jason Kincaid has the story.

"Songbird will be releasing a Philips-branded version of its software with a few key differences, most important of which will be the application's native support for each GoGear device."

Kincaid reported that while the Philips-branded version of Songbird currently only runs on Windows, a Macintosh version is said to be in the works.

"This is a big win for Songbird. The company had a very rough 2009, which included the departure of the company's founding CEO Rob Lord and a struggle to raise new funding to remain afloat," Kincaid reported.

This article was originally published on Tuesday Jan 5th 2010
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