More Clouds on the Horizon as WSO2 Launches Cloud Middleware Platform

by Developer.com Staff

Open source firm WSO2 is migrating their line of products to a cloud platform.

Cloud computing is taking the computing world by storm. Amazon created their cloud platform several years. Google and Microsoft are jumping on the bandwagon. And today, the open source firm, WSO2, is in the process of converting their existing products into cloud services.

According to a story in InformationWeek today, WSO2 will be offering a laundry list of services. The first two will be identity management and service governance. According to the company's press release, all of their software and data will remain open source and available for anyone to use.

By the middle of next year, WS02 expects to add to their cloud: data management, security management, service hosting, as well as, mediation and management, user interfaces and portals, billing and metering along with management and monitoring services.

According to their company's Web site, the WSO2 Cloud platform is comprised of Cloud Virtual Machines, Cloud Connectors, Cloud Services and Cloud Middleware.

This article was originally published on Wednesday Dec 2nd 2009
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