Apple's App Store Has More Fake Reviews Than Google Play Does

Wednesday May 28th 2014 by Developer.com Staff

Mobile development firms are turning to pay-to-review services to boost their rankings and discoverability.

According to analysis conducted by Apptentive, users are more likely to find fake reviews in the App Store, which has 55 percent of the apps with fake reviews, than Google Play, which has 45 percent of fake reviews. However, Android had some of the worst offenders. The firm also gave each app a "Review Quality" score, and of the 100 apps with the lowest scores, 80 were on Android.

How did the company spot fake reviews? Apptentive says apps with fake reviews tend to have a high percentage of people writing reviews compared to the number of people who rate the app. Also, the fake reviews tend to be very succinct and are often cut and pasted over and over again. Approximately 60 percent of the time, the fake reviews accompany a five-star rating, but some developers also seem to hire fake reviewers to leave one-star ratings and bad reviews on their competitors' apps.

Several services like BuyAppStoreReviews, BestReviewApp and AppRebates offer reviews for sale, and a growing number of developers seem to be using them. View article

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