Apple Releases FoundationDB Under Open Source License

by Developer.com Staff

The company acquired the distributed database in 2015.

After purchasing the FoundationDB distributed database in 2015, Apple has decided to open source the technology. In a blog post, the company said, "FoundationDB is a distributed datastore, designed from the ground up to be deployed on clusters of commodity hardware. These clusters scale well as you add machines, automatically heal from hardware failures, and have a simple API. The key-value store supports fully global, cross-row ACID transactions."

It added, "By open sourcing FoundationDB, our goal is to build an open community. All major development will be done in the open. We’ve outlined a design document process to ensure that this work is done transparently and with community input. We’ve taken early steps to outline project governance to provide a basic structure that will enable members of the community who actively contribute to have a greater voice in the project decision-making."

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This article was originally published on Friday Apr 20th 2018
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