Apple Quietly Updates iPad, iOS

by Developer.com Staff

It's also time to sign up for Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC).

Apple usually likes to make a big splash when it releases a new product, but overnight it quietly updated the iPad and iOS without a lot of fanfare. The latest version of the iPad doesn't have a number, but it's the replacement for the iPad Air 2. It features a faster processor, a brighter screen and a significantly lower price than its predecessor. The company did not update the larger iPad Pro.

The most noticeable changes in iOS 10.3 are faster performance and improvements to the Apple File System (APFS) that may free up some space on devices. It also eliminates support for 32-bit apps.

In related mobile development news, registration is now open for this year's WWDC conference. Those who sign up before March 31 will be entered into a lottery for tickets.

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This article was originally published on Tuesday Mar 28th 2017
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