Apple Implements an App-Refund Policy in Europe

by Developer.com Staff

Refunds could be bad news for mobile development firms with paid apps.

In order to comply with European Union law, Apple has implemented a new policy which will allow App Store, iTunes and iBooks customers to receive refunds—no questions asked—if they want to return an item within two weeks after purchase. Apple's new terms state, "If you choose to cancel your order, you may do so within 14 days from when you received your receipt without giving any reason, except iTunes Gifts which cannot be refunded once you have redeemed the code."

The new policy could be a boon to developers if people become more willing to download paid apps knowing they can get their money back if they don't like them. However, many in the mobile development industry are worried about people abusing the policy to get "free rentals" of apps they only need for a short time.

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This article was originally published on Tuesday Dec 30th 2014
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