AppFog and Rackspace Announce New Collaboration

Wednesday Aug 1st 2012 by Developer.com Staff

It will now be easier for developers to use both cloud computing services together.

A new partnership between AppFog and Rackspace will enable cloud development and deployment using both services. The AppFog platform as a service (PaaS) will now support the Rackspace infrastructure as a service (IaaS), and AppFog will be listed in the Rackspace Cloud Tools Marketplace. "We are very excited to align our efforts with Rackspace,” said AppFog CEO Lucas Carlson. “As a market leader and a powerful force within OpenStack, Rackspace is a valuable option for developers looking for a reliable, scalable and secure IaaS option. With Cloud Databases and Cloud Servers powered by OpenStack, we can be assured that our efforts support open standards, protect against vendor lock-in and enable developers to deploy on public or private OpenStack-based clouds."

With AppFog, developers can choose which cloud computing infrastructure service to use--Amazon Web Services, HP, Microsoft Azure or Rackspace. AppFog supports multiple languages including Java, .NET, Node, Python, Ruby, PHP and others.

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