App Suey Wants to Own 1% of the App Store

by Developer.com Staff

The startup is on a mobile development firm buying spree.

If you have a barely profitable iOS app, there's a good chance you could sell it to App Suey. The startup is buying up small mobile development firms and hopes to own 1 percent of all the apps in Apple's App Store by the end of 2016.

Why? Company CEO and founder Arlo Gilbert thinks that one large company could do a better job of managing all these small, independent businesses. "With lots of apps we have the ability to do things like improve broken processes, deploy to other platforms and enjoy economies of scale," he explained. "Imagine a development group that owns 10,000 apps and the interesting ways they could promote their own apps to top positions within verticals. Lots of cool things that one could do with lots of apps in a portfolio."

The company is looking for English-language apps that generate regular revenue—as little as $20 per month up into the thousands. So far, nineteen developers have signed up for the survey process, which is necessary before App Suey will make an offer.

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This article was originally published on Wednesday Nov 19th 2014
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