Android N and More from Google I/O

by Developer.com Staff

The company announced several new tools for the mobile development industry.

At this week's I/O developer conference in Mountain View, Calif., Google unveiled a host of new products of interest to developers. Most notably, it released the third preview of the latest version of Android, which for now is known as Android N. According to the company, Android N focuses on improving performance, productivity and security. That latest version is a beta-quality release and is available for the mobile development industry to test on tablets and smartphones.

Other notable announcements included the following:

  • The Firebase Analytics engine for Google's cloud computing platform
  • The Tensor Processing Unit (TPU), a chipset designed to enable machine learning
  • New APIs for Sheets, Slides, and Classroom
  • The ability to run Android apps on Chrome OS devices
  • The winners of the first ever Google Play Awards
  • New consumer services including Google Assistant, Google Home and the Allo messaging service

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This article was originally published on Friday May 20th 2016
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