Android Devs Complain About Piracy on BlackBerry App World

by Developer.com Staff

Pirates are porting Android apps to RIM's app store without developer permission.

Android developers are complaining that pirates are replicating their apps for RIM's BlackBerry App World. Because RIM offers a tool for converting Android apps for BlackBerry, it's relatively easy for hackers to download an Android app, remove the copy protections, convert it for BlackBerry and submit it to RIM. If the original Android developers haven't created a version of the app for BlackBerry (and most haven't), the developers and RIM usually don't even notice the piracy.

One developer said he discovered his piracy problem only after a user called for technical support with the BlackBerry version of his app. Since the original developer hadn't created a BlackBerry version of the app, it soon became apparent that something was wrong.

In that case, RIM took down the pirated version of that app quickly, but others say BlackBerry App World still contains numerous pirated Android apps.

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This article was originally published on Thursday Jan 10th 2013
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