Amazon Launches Mobile Development Tools, Services

by Developer.com Staff

The company has an improved Mobile SDK, plus data management and analytics services.

During its Amazon Web Services 2014 Summit, AWS launched a trio of mobile development offerings. First, it unveiled a new and improved Mobile SDK that aims to make it easy for mobile developers to make use of Amazon's cloud computing services. It comes in two versions: iOS and Android/Fire.

In addition, the company rolled out a service it calls Cognito. It handles storage and management of user ids and other data, and it integrates with Amazon, Facebook and Google authentication services.

Third, Amazon debuted a Mobile Analytics service. "It generates reports on active users, sessions, retention, in-application revenue, and custom events," explained the company, which added that Mobile Analytics "can collect and process billions of events per day from millions of users."

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This article was originally published on Monday Jul 14th 2014
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