Advice for Young Programmers from an Experienced Developer

by Developer.com Staff

People skills are more important than you think they are.

InfoWorld's Andrew C. Oliver has put together a list of career tips that he titles "What I wish I'd known starting out as a programmer." His advice includes the following:

  1. "Take names." (Get to know people and build your personal career network.)
  2. To solve a problem "pick three theories and go about proving them wrong rather than trying to prove yourself right."
  3. Keep your career (not your personal preferences) in mind when picking a specialty.
  4. "There is relatively little real innovation in the software side of the industry compared to popular perception."
  5. "Think in terms of a career, not a series of jobs."
  6. "Work more than 40 hours per week."
  7. "Programming is not hard unless you make it hard."
  8. "Learn to communicate."

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This article was originally published on Thursday Aug 21st 2014
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