Ad Blockers Top App Store Best-Seller List

by Developer.com Staff

iOS 9 is the first version of Apple's mobile operating system to support ad blocking.

After only one day of availability, ad blockers are among the most popular apps in the App Store. Apple released iOS 9 on Wednesday, and the update allows iPhone and iPad users to utilize ad blocking technology for the first time. Already, paid ad blockers like Peace, Purify Blocker, Crystal and Blockr have made it onto the top twenty paid apps list.

Several mobile development firms offer free ad blockers, but so far they have been unable to unseat perennial favorites like SnapChat, Messenger, Facebook and Instagram from the top of the free apps list. Several other ad blockers are expected to launch soon.

Within 24 hours after the iOS 9 launch, nearly 12 percent of iPhone and iPad users had installed the update.

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This article was originally published on Friday Sep 18th 2015
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