A Profile of MDickie, the Best Worst Game Developer

by Developer.com Staff

Can his games really be so bad if so many people play them?

Chris Stokel-Walker has written a lengthy profile of independent game developer Mat Dickie for Ars Technica, and it is well worth the read. Dickie might be best known as the developer behind Wrestling Revolution 3D, the first sports simulator app to get more than 50 million downloads. But while they are enormously popular, Dickie's games also have a reputation for being "kind of bad", and even "janky and broken." Dickie's own Facebook page describes him as "Single-handedly responsible for the WORST games to ever be enjoyed by millions of people."

The article captures the struggles involved in making it big as an independent developer in the mobile development industry. Check it out at the link below.

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This article was originally published on Wednesday Jan 10th 2018
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