9 Career-Defining Issues for Developers

by Developer.com Staff

How you answer these questions could have major implications for your long-term earning potential.

The IT job market is red hot right now with employers needing more developers and software engineers than they can find and hire. But that doesn't mean it's all smooth sailing on the career front for those seeking careers in programming. At one point or another, they'll face nine key issues that will determine the course of their careers. Check out the full article for an in-depth discussion of each. Here are the nine questions:

  1. Will certification give you an edge?
  2. What is the true value of a computer science degree?
  3. Should you specialize or go broad when it comes to programming languages?
  4. Should you contribute to open source projects?
  5. How do you work around ageism?
  6. How much does location matter?
  7. Can you choose a niche to avoid the offshoring ax?
  8. Should you strike out on your own?
  9. Is there work beyond tech?

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This article was originally published on Tuesday Sep 18th 2012
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