7 Persistent Myths About Application Development

by Developer.com Staff

Throwing more programmers at a problem doesn't get the job done faster.

Back in 1975, Frederick P. Brooks de-bunked the idea that assigning more programmers to a software project will speed up the process in his book The Mythical Man-Month. Unfortunately, some IT managers continue to believe myths that Brooks showed to be false decades ago. Here are seven of the most troublesome:

  1. Offshoring produces software faster and cheaper.
  2. Good coders work long hours.
  3. Great developers are 10 times more productive.
  4. Cutting-edge tools produce better results.
  5. The more eyes on the code, the fewer bugs.
  6. Great programmers write the fastest code.
  7. Good code is "simple" or "elegant."

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This article was originally published on Wednesday Apr 25th 2012
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