15 Technologies That Are Transforming Application Development

by Developer.com Staff

Cloud computing, devops, containerization, open source tools, Agile software development and other trends have changed coding in important ways.

It's no secret that writing code is much different today than it was a decade—or even just a few years—ago. InfoWorld has put together a list of 15 technologies that are radically changing development practices. It includes the following:

  1. Continuous integration
  2. Frameworks
  3. Libraries
  4. APIs
  5. Platform as a service
  6. Browsers
  7. Application containers
  8. Infrastructure as a service
  9. Node.js and JavaScript
  10. Secondary marketplaces
  11. Virtual machines
  12. Social media portals
  13. Devops tools
  14. GitHub, SourceForge, and social code sharing
  15. Performance monitoring

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This article was originally published on Monday Aug 11th 2014
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