10,000 More Developers to Receive Free Leap Motion Control Devices

by Developer.com Staff

Leap Motion plans to release its device to consumers early next year.

Leap Motion now plans to give away 10,000 more of its motion-tracking cameras to developers. The company had previously announced that it would give away 2,000 of the devices, so this will bring the total to 12,000. The Leap Motion camera allows users to control their PCs with gestures.

Leap Motion plans to release the camera to consumers in early 2013, but in order for the device to catch on, the company knows that it needs apps that can use the technology. "Our thinking is that if we can lay a great framework and a great foundation by seeding the developer community with units, we can launch with an established base of great content," said Leap Motion CEO Michael Buckwald.

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This article was originally published on Thursday Dec 20th 2012
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