by Maithilish

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[description]Fins presents financial data-points of companies in an interactive interface. It uses some of the best features of Google Web Toolkit (GWT) to assemble a versatile menu driven app with tabbed layout, interactive tables and graphs. Companion tutorial shows how develop the apps to harness the power of GWT, JDO and Cloud platforms.[/description]
[insights]Developing apps that run seamlessly on variety of cloud platforms comes with its own set of challenges. Fins and its companion tutorial walks through a real project to develop a highly interactive app without platform or data storage lock-in. Google Web Toolkit (GWT) toolkit and GWT Designer helps to build UI rich complex browser-based applications. With GWT, developers may rapidly build high performance, cross browser web apps without in-depth knowledge of AJAX, JavaScript and browser quirks. Combining GWT with Java Data Objects (JDO) simplifies access to variety of data storage like RDBMS, Google HRD etc., [/insights]
[developmenttoolused]Goolge Web Toolkit (GWT) JDO and Hibernate for data access Eclipse IDE [/developmenttoolused]

This article was originally published on Saturday Aug 24th 2013
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