Android Developer Tech IQ: Do You Know Enough to Build a Windows Phone 8 App?

Monday May 6th 2013

If you've built Android apps, then are you ready to expand your market? This Tech IQ will determine if you already have the knowledge to move your app to Windows 8.You might be surprised!

As an Android developer, you may be choosing to shy away from the Windows platform due to believing the apps underneath the design are built drastically differently from what you are used to. With its unique metro styling, Windows Phone 8 does appear to be quite different from other platforms. The reality is that Android apps and Windows Phone 8 apps bear many similarities to each other. These similarities can give you a jump-start into Windows Phone 8 applications by taking advantage of your Android knowledge. In fact, your existing Android experience might also give you a high IQ for building Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 Apps.

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