User Code: Place a Hyperlink Hand Cursor on a JTable Header

Wednesday Jan 30th 2002 by Range Gowda

This user shows you how to simulate the look of the famous hyperlink Hand Cursor on a table header in Java.

Do you want to show a Hand Cursor when a Hyperlink label is placed on a table header?

To place a simulated Hyperlink on the JTable Header, you need to change the cursor to highlight the hyperlink effect of showing the Hand cursor when the cursor is on top of the hyperlink. The following lines of code guide the developer to simulate it.

The steps you need to follow are:

  1. Create a JTable with a model.
  2. Get the existing table header column model.
  3. Create a subclassed table header object and set it to table header.
  4. Create a subclass of JTableheader and override the method processMouseMotionEvent.
  5. Get the column hit from the coordinates of the mouse event.
  6. Check if it matches with the required column; if 'yes', set the Hand Cursor.
  7. Else pass the event to 'super' to handle it.

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		JTable customTable = new JTable(customTModel);
		TableColumnModel  tcm = customTable.getTableHeader().getColumnModel();
		customTable.setTableHeader(new MyTableHeader(tcm));

	class MyTableHeader extends JTableHeader
		public MyTableHeader(TableColumnModel tcm) { super(tcm); }
		public void processMouseMotionEvent(MouseEvent me)
			int column = customTable.getTableHeader().columnAtPoint(me.getPoint());
			if(column == 2)	  setCursor(new Cursor(Cursor.HAND_CURSOR)); 
			else		super.processMouseMotionEvent(me);
	} // end of class MyTableHeader

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