VB TIP: Using the GetSetting and SaveSetting Commands

Monday Nov 18th 2002 by Sam Huggill

Manipulate the registry through Visual Basic.

Option Explicit

Public Const ThisApp = "My Company"
Public Const ThisKey = "My Prog Name"

Public Declare Function RegOpenKeyEx _
   Lib "advapi32.dll" _
 Alias "RegOpenKeyExA" (_
         ByVal hKey As Long, _
         ByVal lpSubKey As String, _
         ByVal ulOptions As Long, _
         ByVal samDesired As Long, _
         phkResult As Long) As Long

Public Declare Function RegQueryValueEx _
    Lib "advapi32.dll" _
 Alias "RegQueryValueExA" ( _
         ByVal hKey As Long, 
         ByVal lpValueName As String, _
         ByVal lpReserved As Long, _
         ByVal lpType As Long, _
         ByVal lpData As Any, _
         lpcbData As Long) As Long

Public Declare Function RegCloseKey _
   Lib "advapi32.dll" _
         ByVal hKey As Long) As Long

Public Const HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE = &H80000002
Public Const HKEY_CURRENT_USER = &H80000001
Public Const READ_CONTROL = &H20000
Public Const KEY_QUERY_VALUE = &H1
Public Const KEY_NOTIFY = &H10
Public Const SYNCHRONIZE = &H100000
Public Const ERROR_SUCCESS = 0&
Public Const ERROR_MORE_DATA = 234
Public Const REG_SZ = 1

Public Const KEY_READ = ((READ_CONTROL Or _
                          KEY_QUERY_VALUE Or _
                          KEY_ENUMERATE_SUB_KEYS Or _
                          KEY_NOTIFY) And _
                          (Not SYNCHRONIZE))

Public Const KEY_EXECUTE = ((KEY_READ) And _
                            (Not SYNCHRONIZE))

Global Name As String
Global Phone As String
Global PostCode As String
Private Sub cmdLoad_Click()

Dim Name, Phone, PostCode As String

Name = GetSetting(ThisApp, ThisKey, "Name", "")
Phone = GetSetting(ThisApp, ThisKey, "Phone", "")
PostCode = GetSetting(ThisApp, ThisKey, "PostCode", "")

txtName.Text = (Name)
txtPhone.Text = (Phone)
txtPostCode.Text = (PostCode)

End Sub

Private Sub cmdSave_Click()

Dim Name, Phone, PostCode As String

SaveSetting ThisApp, ThisKey, "Name", txtName.Text
SaveSetting ThisApp, ThisKey, "Phone", txtPhone.Text
SaveSetting ThisApp, ThisKey, "PostCode", txtPostCode.Text

End Sub
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