Book Review: Learn to program Visual Basic Examples

Tuesday Nov 19th 2002 by Sam Huggill

Learn to Program Visual Basic Examples Need some examples? This book is ideal for new beginners.

After the success of John Smiley's last book (Learn to Program with Visual Basic 6), this book had a lot to live up to. But once again, John Smiley produced the goods. This time with over 100 example programs, that are explained in detail. This time another original approach is taken to the book. An imaginary cable TV show where Mr Smiley has to answer 100 questions from users around the world. He fully explains each answer (example) and demonstrates to the audience (readers) how to use the example. The examples include many real world problems that you will definitely need to use.

This is not a reference book for quick information. This book is designed for beginner's (following on from his first book) who want detailed examples. If you are looking for a quick reference/source code book, try Rod Stephen's Ready to Run Visual Basic Code Library

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