Book Review: Understanding ActiveX and OLE

Tuesday Nov 19th 2002 by Sam Huggill

Understanding ActiveX and OLE A new book on ActiveX from the experts at Microsoft.

David Chappell, the author of professional courses and articles on Microsoft OLE and the Common Object Model (COM), introduces readers to OLE's importance and strategic significance. He delves into how component software led to OLE and then to COM. He also covers topics such as structured storage, monikers, Uniform Data Transfer, and OLE Automation.

It's your job to make strategic development and design decisions about new applications, Windows, the Internet, and how they all interact. To do your job even better, get Understanding ActiveX and OLE. It shows you the strategic significance of the Component Object Model (COM) as the foundation for Microsoft's object technology - and clarifies the evolution of OLE technology. It also introduces you to the new powerful ActiveX technology for the Internet. With Understanding ActiveX and OLE, you'll gain a firm conceptual grounding without extraneous details or implementation specifics. The Strategic Technology Series targets a wide audience of executives, business planners, software designers, and technical managers who need a quick, comprehensive introduction to important technologies and their implications for business.

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