Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 End of Life Announced

Friday May 7th 2010 by Staff

Red Hat announced this week the end of life for their Enterprise Linux 3 server.

Red Hat announced the end of life plan this week for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3.

As of October 31, 2010, Red Hat will no longer provide support for Enterprise Linux 3.

"After this date, Red Hat will discontinue the regular subscription services for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3. Therefore, new bug fix, enhancement, and security errata updates, as well as technical support services will no longer be available," Red Hat said.

Red Hat products effected by this end of life announcement are the following:
* Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS 3
* Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES 3
* Red Hat Enterprise Linux WS 3
* Red Hat Enterprise Linux Extras 3
* Red Hat Desktop 3
* Red Hat Global File System 3
* Red Hat Cluster Suite 3

"Customers still running production workloads on Red Hat EnterpriseLinux 3 are advised to begin planning the upgrade to Red Hat EnterpriseLinux 5. Active subscribers of Red Hat Enterprise Linux already have accessto all currently maintained versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, as partof their subscription without additional fees," Red Hat said.

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