Apple Shows Off Crop of AR Apps

Wednesday Aug 30th 2017 by Staff

IKEA, Food Network, the Walking Dead and others have augmented reality apps ready to launch when Apple releases iOS 11 next month.

Apple invited media to a recent event where mobile development teams showed off their augmented reality (AR) apps created using ARKit for iOS. The wares on display included an IKEA app that allows consumers to see how furniture will look in their home (assuming they are able to assemble it correctly), a Food Network app that allows you to decorate virtual cupcakes, a GIPHY World app that makes videos that mash up gifs and real-world scenes, a game called Arise, a reimagining of the book "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" in AR, and a Walking Dead game that superimposes zombies on the real world.

The apps were a little different than standard-issues iOS apps in that they all require users to "scan" their surroundings with their phone before use in order to make the AR function properly. Also, the interfaces had very few controls and in some cases, almost none. The mobile development teams behind the apps said they were able to create them fairly quickly, in some cases, in just 7-10 weeks.

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